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Welcome to Flying Roundhouse Books
Everyone's favorite question: "What kind of books do you have?" We're never sure how to answer. Take a look at our site to see a sampling of our goodies...

Books of the week!

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Apparitions: Mystic Phenomena and What They Mean (Paperback) by Kevin Orlin, Ph.D. Johnson (Author)
Condition: New

Review: An astonishing performance! Johnson gives clear, accurate explanations of the full spectrum of mystic phenomena, masterfully presented with an unparalleled knowledge of the material. Apparitions is an indispensable reference for anyone interested in the paranormal, and a joy to read, besides.

-- Ladislav Zgusta, Director Emeritus, Center for Advanced Study, University of Illinois

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Time and Again (Hardcover) by Jack Finney (Author)
Condition: New

Review: Simon Morley, an artist with a premium on imagination, is chosen to go back in time to the 1890's in New York City. For weeks Simon is secluded in an apartment in New York's famous landmark, the Dakota, where he dresses, eats, entertains himself and reads newspapers in the style of New York, 1894. Finally, he walks out into the Central Park of that January....

-- Kirkus Reviews

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VICTORIAN HOME: The Grandeur and Comfort of the Victorian Era, in Households Past and Present (Hardcover) by Ellen M. Plante(Author)

Condition: Collectible:Very Good
Review: The Victorian Home is not only a beautifully written design guide to reviving rooms from this era, it's also a fascinating history lesson on the culture of the mid- to late-19th-century gentrified society in Britain. For this privileged class, the home was the "center of the universe, a safe haven from a rapidly industrializing society." Therefore, every chair, ornament, and light fixture was carefully chosen and exquisitely arranged to create a look of maximum opulence. Today, the reasons to "go Victorian" are much simpler. This look can be a lovely addition to any home--a look that is both timeless and elegant.

-- Naomi Gesinger


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