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Our Book Reviews on Amazon

  • So you’d like to… Become Passionate about Historical Preservation
  • So you’d like to… Learn FENG SHUI for REAL
  • All Our Book Reviews on Amazon

    Design & Feng Shui

  • Feng Shui Style - Our main website for all things Feng Shui.
  • Kitchen Design & Feng Shui - Get the maximum return with these tips
  • Sell your home 82% faster with Feng Shui Stage your home for sale
  • Fun Shui Blog By popular demand, we attempt to add a little fun to Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui News - Up to the minute news about Feng Shui
  • The History of Feng Shui on Squidoo - 6,000 Years of history!
  • So you’d like to… Learn FENG SHUI for REAL - The best Feng Shui books
  • Beautiful Buildings - A blog about Historic Preservation and more
  • Bedrooms I have known - An Ezine article - “Bedrooms I have known”


  • My MonaVie Site - MonaVie is a nutritional beverage made of 19 fruits, the crown jewel of which is the acai berry, the highest known antioxidant on the planet….
  • The #1 Superfood in the World - The Acai Berry, found only in the Amazon Rainforest, has ELEVEN TIMES the antioxidants of a blueberry! Eating Acai daily can help prevent disease, aging, and the effects of pollution, toxins and poor diet

    Helping Animals

  • Adopt a pet on Petfinder! - The super website of 274,894 adoptable pets from 12,321 adoption groups.
  • People Helping Animals: Wildlife Heroes - Because of the urban sprawl crisis in the United States, wild animals are forced to live in closer proximity with humans. With few alternatives available, they have no choice but to enter our homes, parks, and even downtown areas in search of food and shelter.
    • Historic Preservation

    • Did you know that Historic Preservation is “GREEN”?
    • Eyewitness to History
    • Historic Property Search
    • Get Rich by Saving Old Buildings
    • So you’d like to… Become Passionate about Historical Preservation
    • The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
    • The National Trust for Historic Preservation

      Planet Earth

    • 10 House Members to Watch on Global Warming
    • Top 10 global warming stories of 2007
    • Top 10 Things you can do to reduce Global Warming
    • Get the Facts on Global Warming
    • Climate Institute
    • Care2’s Global Warming Site
    • HotEarth.Net
    • Global Warming: Focus on the Future
    • Union of Concerned Scientists
    • World Wildlife Foundation Climate Change Campaign

    • Who is PAWS?
      A Northwest leader in protecting animals since 1967, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) shelters homeless animals, rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife, and empowers people to demonstrate compassion and respect for animals in their daily lives.

      PAWS envisions this world to be a place where all people recognize the intrinsic value of animal life, are mindful of the impact of their daily behaviors and choices on animals, and consistently demonstrate compassion and respect.
      Dogs and cats available for adoption from PAWS
      adopt a catadopt a dog

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