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To maximize your Feng Shui Consultation, it is recommended that you take a look at your overall health, both mental and physical. If it’s not what it should be, we have some recommendations to help balance you in all areas.

Our latest find? The Acai Berry.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone ("The Perricone Promise") declared the ACAI BERRY to be the #1 Superfood on the planet, on the Oprah Winfrey show, in late 2004. Click on the links below to see what Oprah, Nicholas Perricone and Matt Lauer have to say about the ACAI BERRY.


The Premier Acai Blend contains the following exotic and powerful fruits:


Oprah on the ACAI BERRY
Dr. Nicholas Perricone declares the ACAI BERRY to be the #1 Superfood on Oprah, November 2004


There are 3 different ways to try the Premier Acai Blend: Retail, Wholesale, and FREE. Click below to choose.
RETAIL: $45/bottle, $159/case
WHOLESALE: Become a member for $39 (just like Costco) and get your juice from $20 - $37/bottle, $130/case
FREE: Become a member for $39 (just like Costco) and get your juice from $20 - $37/bottle, $130/case. If you promote the juice, the company will reward you with commissions, and soon your juice will be free!







We’ll work on the outside, you work on the inside.

We all know that exercise and eating right is not only a wise move, but it is truly necessary to live the life of your dreams. The government now recommends that we eat anywhere from 5-13 servings per day, depending on what you read.

According to the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, the four most consumed plant foods (fruits or vegetables) in America are:

French fries, ketchup, pizza sauce, and iceberg lettuce!

Is it any wonder that obesity has become an epidemic and that even children are now afflicted with many of the “lifestyle” diseases once reserved for older people?

What if you could drink something that would provide you with 13 servings of fruits and vegetables, in a daily 4 ounce serving?

The virtually unknown Acai berry from the Amazon Rainforest has recently been touted as the “#1 Superfood ON THE PLANET?” With an antioxidant score roughly TEN TIMES that of a blueberry, this little powerhouse berry is being featured on news stations all over the U.S. Dr. Nicholas Perricone featured the Acai berry on Oprah in November, 2004. He crowned it the #1 Superfood on the Planet.